MC Bio was founded in 2005 on the many years of experience gained in the dental, surgical and engineering fields of its founders.

Over the years the constant and ongoing research for new products specific to dental and maxillofacial surgery, has led to the creation of entire lines of devices to meet the ever new and increasingly personalized requests in such field of surgery with emphasis on bone regeneration and soft tissue treatment.

This is how the first line of MC Bio was born: the Osteosynt screw system. Subsequently, in collaboration with Dr. Egon Euwe, one of the world's leading experts in the regeneration of hard and soft tissues, an innovative line of tacks is developed. The “Supertack” line immediately imposes itself for unmatched performance allowing for even new surgical techniques. The performance even in very hard bone, replaces traditional fixation with screws with a faster and more comfortable fixing by tack.

Over the years MC Bio has continued its technical-scientific research, improving its lines with the introduction of devices increasingly able to meet even the most demanding requests from specialists. Its continuous commitment to the development of devices for different surgical techniques, has led to the birth of new product lines:
  • screws for fixing customized grids
  • tacks for bones with extremely hard matrix
  • soft tissue sampling and treatment systems
  • screws for shell technique
  • screws, tacks and dedicated instruments for entry-level customers and academic training
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    MC Bio products are sold all over the world. We are also certified:
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