Devices for soft tissues

Diamond-coated punches

Essential effective tools for the collection of soft tissues for subsequent re-grafting. Black Disk Grafter punches are coated with graphite and diamond films, which allows you to have very low friction with a very high surface hardness thanks to the diamond micro-granules dispersed in the coating. In addition. BlackD Disk Grafter punches have depth identification lines every 2 mm.

The Black Disk Grafter system includes titanium separator that allow you to pick up diskettes tissue obtained by the punches. Inside the set, there is also a mucotome (punch) 2.7 mm in diameter with which to prepare the graft for the insertion of prosthetic parts.

Compositione del set chirurgico

Medical grade polymer box, suitable to be sterilized in class B steam autoclaves
Tray for the collection of the soft tissue
Separator with different lengths
Mucotomous/Punch-Tip for the preparation of grafts for use with implant prosthetic parts

Soft tissues feedback

Feedback from the user’s filed is the main drive and source of data for our continue improvement.

Top of the range

The Black Disk Grafter line is the top in the range of the soft tissue line. It adapts perfectly to the aesthetic, ergonomics, and functional needs of the most demanding surgeons.

High quality materials

All materials are carefully selected. Product design is guided by strict engineering and biomedical studies, in order to ensure non-toxic, strong and durable materials.

Diamond coating

The Black Disk Grafter mucotomy-punch are coated with a thin layer of graphite and diamond that guarantee ultimate sharpness and hardness of the cutting edge.
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Photo: Elisa Mangiacavalli
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Photo: Elisa Mangiacavalli
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Photo: Elisa Mangiacavalli
Yes, proper care and storage are the key.
YES! MC Bio developed all its systems on a modular, hence compatibility, concept so to offer a broad range of utilizations without requiring purchase of individual single unit tools.