Devices for fixation of grid

Wire mesh/grids fastening

System designed specifically for the fixing of grids, based on the use of titanium screws of 1.35 mm in diameter.

It allows the insertion of screws with a minimal number of surgical tools, very low initial cost.

Compatibility with other lines

The system is compatible with Osteosynt, Osteo Studio line and B-Block tools and equipment, thus making the system modular complete and versatile.

The surgical set specs

Medical grade polymer box, suitable for sterilization with class B steam autoclaves
Organizer integrated into the surgical box
Insertion bits
Manual Driver with tips
Special antifracture cutters for angled and axial motor. The shapes and sizes of our cutters are adaptable to different surgical techniques

Non-sterile screws

Osteo Studio Line screws are sold non-sterile. This allows to guarantee a 100% clean surface from bacteria, mold and dirt

Ecological products

MC Bio is very environmentally conscious. In fact, all our products, with the exception of tacks and screws (disposable by definition), are reusable and durable. In addition, most of our products are recyclable.

High quality materials

All materials are carefully selected. Product design is guided by strict engineering and biomedical studies, in order to ensure non-toxic, strong and durable materials.
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Photo: Prof. Matteo Chiapasco
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Photo: Prof. Matteo Chiapasco
The difference of the G-Fix screws from the other screws is the almost perfectly flat surface under the head.
The square design offers the best control and directionality.