The FYxoss line have been specifically designed for use on the YxOss CBR® produced by ReOss®.

FYxoss screws
The screws have a diameter of 1.35 mm and they fit perfectly inside the open lobes typical of these meshes.

They are characterized by an ultrathin flat head that allow important advantages if compared with the traditional screw jeads.

  • The bottom of the head is perfectly flat for an optimal contact with the Yxoss surface. This geometry also reduces the local forces that may warp the forms of the YxOss CBR®.

  • The upper surface of the FYxoss screws has a soft curve that connects with the rounded sides. Consequently, the FYxoss screws provide a very smooth and soft transition with soft tissues.

  • There are no edges (typically present on the screws with cross fitting) on the upper surface of the FYxoss screws and this shape reduce a lot the stress of the soft tissues.

  • FYxoss Surgical Set
    The FYxoss Surgical Set contains a set of instruments thanks to which it is possible to insert the screws either manually or by motor with contra angle:

  • Stainless steel hand driver
    Stainless steel hand driver with handle in plastic polymer for medical use, sterilizable in steam autoclave. Suitable to house tips with different sizes.

  • Tips
    2 tips with 0.9mm square wrench. Available in two different lengths.

  • Contra-angle screwdriver
    2 Contra-angle screwdriver. Available in two different lengths.

  • Contra angle drill

  • Straight motor drill

  • Questions & Answers

    The FYxoss screws need a predrilling?
    The predrilling allows you to manage much better than the self drilling screws. Both for the drilling point and the direction of the screw. With predrilling, the screws are subjected to less effort both torsional and axial thrust with an added advantage in the safety of use.
    Why do FYxoss screws have diameter 1.35 mm?
    The Ø 1.35 allows to enter the holes of the YxOss CBR® and also guarantees good strength of the screw.
    Is the FYxoss screw subhead appropriate to the YxOss CBR®?
    The subhead has been specially designed for smooth and precise contact. The light angle ensures that the support is extended, thus ensuring optimum stabilization of the grid without creating deformations.
    Are the screws suitable for very soft bone?
    The particular trapezoidal shape of the thread, its pitch and the height of the ridges, allow the screws to guarantee an effective grabbing action even in very soft bone.
    What material are FYxoss screws made of?
    FYxoss screws are produced in TIGR5 certified according to ASTM F136.