2005 • MC Bio

MC Bio, founded in 2005, distinguish itself immediately for the originality of its products for medical professional field.

The constant research and development of new products for dental and maxillofacial surgery’s application is the leading force to the creation of entire lines of devices specifically designed to meet the ever new and ever more sophisticated and specialized field of bone regeneration surgery.

2009 • Osteosynt

Thus was born the Osteosynt line. The line is characterized by screws with an innovative morphology and a surgical kit fit with tools and functionality balanced for a performance of absolute excellence.

2011 • Supertack

The intense and active collaboration with one of the world's leading experts in cosmetic dentistry and bone regeneration, Dr. Egon Euwe, gives birth to the “SuperTack”, a fixation system for efficiently securing membranes.

A revolutionary line with a design resulting in an unprecedented performance and the extreme refinement of the tools and the range of nails that it offers.

2012 • Bone Activation Drills

Under the continuing collaboration with Dr. Egon Euwe, other product lines are developed. The Bone Activation Drills, dedicated to the preparation and the perfect management of both the biomaterials implemented in use as well as the preparation of the regenerative receiving site.

For the most demanding and discerning surgeons, asking for extreme performance combined with style and elegance typical of Italian design .

2016 • Supertack line FDA and TGA approved

The Supertack line is FDA approved on 26th May 2016 and TGA approved on 15th June 2016.

2017 • Supertack line GOST approved

The Supertack line is GOST approved (ГОСТ) on 7th September 2017.