• GBR set

GBR set

Complete box that combines the most advanced devices for fastening the tacks and for the preparation of the receiving site during GBR operations.

• Specialist organizer

Organizer Specialist

Organizer that allows the adjustable closing of the cover.

• Calibrated Offset tip

Puntale Offset calibrato

The new applicator tip allows to achieve difficult areas and it integrates the Back Applicator.

• Punches


Medical devices for harvesting of soft tissues.

• Adjustable stop

Stop registrabile

New stop that allows to find the optimal tack retention. This stop is different from the others because it’s adjustable and not with a fixed retention.

• Back Applicator

Applicatore linguale

McBio has developed the “back applicator” (lingual applicator) as the solution for proper and efficient insertion of the “tacks” in the lingual side. Lingual side insertion is otherwise difficult to achieve with the normal instrumentation forcing often tacks at incorrect angles.