FYxoss Selftap

Devices line for meshes fixation

Fast fixing

FYXoss Selftap screws are characterized by the possibility to be inserted without pre-drilling needs (with the exception of very hard bone).

Prismatic tip

The tip of the FYxoss Selftap screws has an extremely innovative design which allows an easy and precise positioning and effective drilling.

Trapezoidal fillet

The trapezoidal thread of the screw ensures high retention even in soft bone. This shape reduces the torque during screws insertion and increases their stability.

The self-tapping screws for Yxoss CBR® meshes and for the Shell tecnique

The FYxoss Selftap system was born from the collaboration between MC Bio and Reoss / Geistlich Biomaterials Italia.

This system reduces the fixing times of Yxoss CBR® meshes and eliminate the pre-drilling of the socket in most cases. This is guaranteed by the special design of the tip and the extremely aggressive thread. FYxoss Selftap screws (lengths from 10 mm to 15 mm)  can be used for the Shell technique, a technique used for regenerations of considerable entity.

FYxoss Selftap screws are characterized by an external diameter of 1.35 mm and a head diameter of 3 mm.

Surgical set specs

Medical grade polymer box, suitable for sterilization in class B steam autoclaves
Organizer integrated into the surgical box
 Stops for screw reteining
 Hand Driver* with long and short tips
Special antifracture cutters for angled and axial motor. The shapes and sizes of our cutters are adaptable to different surgical techniques

*The hand driver is the same for all screw lines


NO! The pre-drilling is not necessary in the bone between D2 and D4. For a D1 bone it is preferable to make a pre-drilling

FYxoss Selftap screws are indicated:

  • for meshes fixing, preferably using 5 mm and 7 mm screws
  • for membrane fixing, preferably using 5 mm screws
  • for bone plates fixing, preferably using 5 mm and 7 mm screws
  • for bone block fixing, preferably using screws from 7 mm to 13 mm
  • for the Shell technique preferably using 10 mm to 15 mm screws
  • for the Tenting technique preferably using screws from 7 mm to 13 mm

The diameter of 1.35 mm allows the insertion of the screw through the YxOss CBR® mesh holes and guarantees a good resistance of the screw.

The underhead has been specifically designed for precise and soft contact. The angle of the underhead ensures extended support and a excellent stabilization of the grid without creating deformations.

FYxoss Selftap screws are produced in ASTM F136 certified TIGR5.

The particular trapezoidal shape of the thread, its pitch and the height of the ridges allow the screw to guarantee effective anchoring even in very soft bone.