Bone Activation Drills

Devices line for bone activation

Formation of bone chips

The sharpness and shape of our drills ensures the formation of bone chips that are suitable for use in the final bone mixture during regeneration.

High quality materials

All materials are carefully selected. Product design is guided by strict engineering and biomedical studies, in order to ensure non-toxic, strong and durable materials.

Ecological products

MC Bio is very environmentally conscious. In fact, all our products, with the exception of tacks and screws (disposable by definition), are reusable and durable. In addition, most of our products are recyclable.

Proper preparation the receiving bone site

The Bone Activation Drills system consists of an ergonomic and styled box that contains a series of cutters as well as a lid fitted tray.

The importance of adequate preparation of the surface of the receiving cortical bone, is a surgical protocol well known to those who carry out bone regeneration operations. The cutters of the Bone Activation Drill set guarantee the optimal and effective execution in such procedure.

Bone Activation Drills cutters differ from normal helical cutters, by their particular cutting geometry that allows the harvesting of extremely useful quality geometry of bone chips during the regeneration phase.

Their extremely high strength, even in the smallest diameters, ensures the surgeon great safety avoiding the dangerous and very harmful breaks typical of traditional cutters.

Surgical set specs

 Medical grade polymer box, suitable for sterilization in class B steam autoclaves
 Special antifracture cutters for angled and axial motor. The shapes and sizes of our cutters are adaptable to different surgical techniques
 Tray for collecting bone or biomaterials with lid to protect the contents

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Very important question! The maximum recommended applicable torque is identified within the operating instructions.