The only applicator for lingual area

The MC Bio back applicator is a unique tool of its kind. Itt allows the insertion of the tacks in hardly accessible areas such as the lingual area.

Its structure is inspired by the crown lever and was adapted for the purpose through various engineering studies. Like all MC Bio systems, the lingual applicator is also composed of several parts and this guarantees the possibility of replacing only the damaged or worn part without having to purchase a new device. The tack gripping system – tip – has the same structure manual applicator tip: the tack is hooked under the head by means of semi-flexible wings, which guarantee tightness during the gripping phase and an easy detachment during release.

The insertion of the tack always exploits the “hammered” effect. In this case it is not given by an external hammer, but by the knocker which generates a blow against the final nut thanks to the sliding on the rod,. This means that the direction of the nail is axial to the movement being performed and this allows the surgeon to guarantee maximum insertion precision.

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VIDEO: Dr. Francesco Mintrone