Devices line for membrane and mesh fixation

Non-sterile Tacks

TuffTack tacks are sold non-sterile in packs of 10. This allows the surgeons to send to sterilization process the exact amount of tacks they need.

High quality materials

ll materials are carefully selected. Product design is guided by strict engineering and biomedical studies, in order to ensure non-toxic, strong and durable materials.

The essential tools

The TuffTack set is suitable as an entry-level set for dentists in early approach to bone regeneration. It includes the essential instruments, and it is offered at a low price.

TuffTack set

The TuffTack line represents a top-notch response for all membrane and grid fixation needs, both in jaw and jaw, when economics are a paramount issue.

The tacks are produced in surgical grade titanium alloy (TiGr5 – ASTM F136). The devices in the set have been manufactured choosing biocompatible high quality materials, such as the ASTM 7075 aeronautical alloy that constitutes the body of the tack applicator.

Compatible with Supertack lines

The surgical box is essentiality aimed at a clientele that is approaching the practice in GBR. It still maintains perfect compatibility with the more advanced tools and devices present in the Supertack and Specialist lines. The line is perfectly compatible with the supertack line with exception for the tacks that are sold in a non-sterile state and limited in size choice.

Surgical set specs

 Medical grade polymer box, suitable for sterilization in class B steam autoclaves
 Organizer with lid with design and shape for maximum stability and to prevent overturn
 Anodized aeronautical aluminum applicator
 Interchangeable applicator tips built of special stainless steel


The Tacks are manufactured using the Astm F136 certified TiGr5. The ASTM F136 standard specifies that this type of titanium is suitable for production of medical devices to be implanted in the human body.

NO! Their level of biocompatibility is the same, since the freshly manufactured titanium immediately forms a titanium oxide blanket, which is the element that guarantees biocompatibility.

NO! Tuff Tacks and Supertacks are produced with the same material with the same design.

TuffTack tacks are sold non-sterile, while Supertack and Specialist tacks are packaged in the clean room after being cleaned with plasma equipment and sold sterile.The TT tacks are available only in one length.

NO! The tacks to be removed, need a very small incision through which the nails can be engaged and extracted with the same tool used for their insertion.